Key Personnel

Tom Lappin
Tom LappinCo-Founder & Managing Director
An original founder of DTD (the “T” in DTD); Tom is our Managing Director. Tom is a qualified Boilermaker/Welder; he now spends his time managing daily business activities, imparting valuable knowledge onto those around him and operating as a consultant to others within the business on various manufacturing issues.
Adrian Grant
Adrian GrantBusiness Strategic Manager
Adrian is our Business Strategic Manager. Adrian started with DTD as a Boilermaker and left to manage his own contracting business; he later returned and now leads our estimating, manages large projects and mentors manufacturing staff in furthering their skillset. He has a broad experience in all types of manufacturing/fabrication and installation, one of his strengths is the ability to problem solve an outcome whilst on site when an installation requires. Adrian is commonly known around the place as Barney.
Corey Dunacn
Corey DunacnKason & Machine Shop Manager
Corey manages our Kason department, DTD Engineering are the only licensed Australia/New Zealand distributor of Kason machines and spares. This department is continually growing/expanding due to the expertise/problem solving that Corey can provide in relation to these products. Corey also runs our machine shop and organises shut/maintenance work projects, he is great at coordinating a timely and cost effective outcome for clients of various sizes.
Renae Lappin
Renae LappinFinance Manager
Renae is our Finance Manager which involves handling all things financially and assists Tom and Adrian in regards to business strategies from a Business Advisory perspective. Renae’s background was a Senior role in a large local accounting firm dealing with various clients in relation to business advisory, tax accounting and completing a short stint in Management Accounting in an overseas legal firm.
David Buckley
David BuckleyEstimator/Project Manager
As a qualified Fitter & Turner, a Draftsman and Rigger, David Buckley is the prime candidate for any project management or estimation you require. David deals with large and small clients and large and small projects alike.
Tex Cottle
Tex CottleQuality Assurance Officer
Tex puts his heart in to everything he does; that is why he is our Quality Assurance Officer. Tex is a qualified Boilermaker; he became a Leading Hand within DTD and is now our Quality Assurance Officer. Tex ensures the quality of our projects, making certain that it is made to the appropriate standards and resulting in a product DTD are proud to produce. Prior to the start of production, Tex confirms there are weld procedures in place and qualified welders for the type of weld being conducted. Throughout the duration of the project, Tex ensures our QA paperwork is completed correctly and then conducts testing on the product before it gets sent to our customers and review presentation of the product.
Victoria Parker
Victoria ParkerQuality Assurance & WHS Coordinator
Victoria is the beginning and end of our Quality Assurance Documentation. She creates all relevant QA Documents specified within a customer contract and turns them into a Manufacturers Data Report (MDR). This includes our ITP’s, organising NDT Inspections, maintaining Welder Qualification Reports and ensuring that all DTD projects are traceable all the way down to the material certificates. Tori also helps ensure the safety of our staff here at DTD with the use of JSEA, SWMS, Safety Permits, Incident Reports and anything safety related.
Jason Waite
Jason WaiteWorkshop Manager
Jason’s main role is to supervise and organise our tradespeople and ensure the quality on completion of our manufacturing and fabrication jobs within our workshop. He ensures that these jobs are completed to our customer needs and standards, by working in conjunction with our tradespeople and the QA Officer; he oversees all projects completed in the workshop, liaising with our project managers and site supervisors to achieve a quality result.
Donald Woolcock
Donald WoolcockSite Supervisor
Donald (commonly known as Donny) has an age of experience in working on site as a supervisor. Donny is involved in various installation projects; assisting our Project Managers to reach deadlines whilst organising a team of tradespeople. If he’s not on site, he is manufacturing/fabricating mild steel, stainless, aluminium products within our workshop.
Sam Stewart
Sam StewartSite Supervisor
Sam has experience in medium to large site management projects; working as a supervisor organising a team to cater to all facets of the contract requirements. He utilises his organisation and communication skills to achieve a favourable outcome for our project management team and our clients. If required, Sam is able to fabricate/manufacture items whilst on site to provide our customers with a quality service and product.
Stuart Rolinson
Stuart RolinsonProfile Programmer
Stuart organises our profile cutter by designing plates, looking after plate division and managing stock control. Stuart is a draftsman by trade which makes for an easy transition between Profile Programmer and estimating jobs for our local clients.